The modern security system is a set of measures aimed at ensuring the security of commercial facilities, individuals and cargo escort.


Limited Liability Company “ARMADA SECURITY GROUP” is a single, cohesive,friendly team, which includes highly qualified, with a certain level of education and training representatives of law enforcement agencies directly involved in hostilities, military veterans. They are able to provide high-level protection of individuals, facilities and cargo escort.

LLC “ARMADA SECURITY GROUP” provides a full range of services that provide competitive, physical and technical security. This area activity, at a professional level, provides the use of information technology and other activities that can be carried out reliable protection of any object (legal entities), individuals and support.

Field of activity of LLC “ARMADA SECURITY GROUP”

  • Personal protection (protection of individuals).
  • Training according to NATO standards at the Center for Professional Qualifications (diving training, training of security guards, etc.).
  • Physical protection of objects (water bodies; enterprises, private houses; offices; apartments; warehouses; perimeter, etc.).
  • Support of collectors, cargoes.
  • Remote protection.
  • Video-observation.

LLC “ARMADA SECURITY GROUP” taking into account the peculiarities and tasks, will select an individual approach to each client of individuals (legal entities), with further coordination of all necessary formalities and their implementation.





Facilities security services

Protection of VIPs and delegation

  • Development of security audits;
  • Security guards for the day;
  • English-speaking security guards;
  • Business protection;
  • Detection of hidden video cameras and listening devices;
  • Support of tourist groups;
  • Protection and support of family members;
  • Protection and support of students.

    Training according to NATO standards

    • Basic course “Diving training”
    • Training course “Body guard”
    • Basic course on fire training “Possession of weapons and special equipment”
    • Basic course “Ensuring safety and provision of primary health care”

      Support of collectors and cargoes

      • Observation of the car along the route;
      • Planning of individual traffic routes;
      • Support by physically and psychologically trained security guards.

        Physical security of objects

        • Individual approach to the organization of the security system
        • Preservation of property
        • Armed guards

          Video surveillance

          • Installation of a turnkey video surveillance system
          • Fast and professional installation
          • Modern video surveillance systems

            Remote protection

            • Arrival in minutes;
            • Alarm button without equipment;
            • Own response group.